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CIEB’s Recent Releases

Not So Elementary: Primary School Teacher Quality in Top-Performing Systems

Written by leading Australian researcher Ben Jensen, Not So Elementary: Primary School Teacher Quality in Top-Performing Systems, examines how four high-performing education jurisdictions – Finland, Hong Kong, Japan and Shanghai – are able to ensure subject matter expertise among elementary school teachers through their selection process, requirements for specialization in their initial training programs, their processes for certification of teachers, and in-school development for teachers.


Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High Performing Systems

Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High Performing Systems, also written by Australian researcher Ben Jensen, is a comparative international study of world-class teacher professional learning in some of the best systems in the world: Shanghai, British Columbia, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Developing Shanghai’s Teachers

Developing Shanghai’s Teachers, a report from former Shanghai Normal University President and Shanghai Education Commission Deputy Director Minxuan Zhang, offers an insider’s perspective into how the world-leading Shanghai education system handles teacher professional development.


Comparative Study of VET Systems

This study examines the vocational education and training (VET) systems of top performing countries, with a focus on the strategies that account for their superior quality, equity and productivity. The first three case studies are available now:

The Phoenix: Vocational Education and Training in Singapore

Made in China: Challenge and Innovation in China’s Vocational and Technical Education System

Gold Standard: The Swiss Vocational Education and Training System.


Comparative Study of Instructional Systems

Tina Isaacs of the Institute of Education at the University of London led an international comparative study of instructional systems that produced a detailed comprehensive description and analysis of the instructional systems in nine jurisdictions in six high performing countries, as measured by the 2012 PISA data, as well as in two states in the United States.



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