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Betty Wilson-McSwain

Read about the experience of a leader just like you, who recognizes the importance of taking the next step towards advancing education in your community.

Betty Wilson-McSwain

As a leader in your school, you recognize the effectiveness of working with like-minded peers who speak the same language of equity, excellence, and efficiency. Betty Wilson-McSwain from Mississippi’s McComb School District is someone just like you, who recognizes the importance of taking the next step towards advancing education in your community:

What roles have you had in your career?
I am now director of federal programs, administering title funds, focusing on continuous improvement, and leading our early learning partnerships. Throughout my experience as a math teacher and a vocational career tech director, I’ve had a passion for students and their achievement, and for engaging parents as partners. 

What led you to join the Collaborative?

I very much enjoy learning from others, and wanted to build my skills while learning in a quality group. Coming out of the NCEE’s programs and in my role, I wanted to continue learning from others across the nation in a collegial network of people like myself.

What are some significant accomplishments your school or district has achieved during your time as a leader?

I am proud of our grants, which have helped us extend learning after school and in the summer, operate programs at no cost to families, and run our early learning collaborative partnerships. All of this has helped our students’ readiness and growth well beyond the national average. I also am happy to have the opportunity in my role to ensure that our staff and students receive the resources they need to be their best.

Looking forward, what are your next set of goals?

I am trying to increase achievement and break out of the plateau we were in, making sure the dollars are matching the needs of students and teachers. I am focused on eradicating barriers to student achievement and adding more supports for teachers, such as increasing the amount of social workers, and other safety nets.

Betty’s story is exactly why we created the NCEE Leaders Collaborative, an ongoing professional learning experience specifically designed for leaders like Betty and you, who are ready for the next step. The Collaborative is a way for educational leaders to maximize the time and effort you have invested and applied to your professional learning and when you join, you will:

Work closely with a small group of peers leading improvement efforts of their own to help you enhance implementation of your improvement efforts

Engage with experts on research about educational leadership and school improvement

Connect with leaders like you from across the nation with similar foundations of knowledge and the same goals of redesigning high-performing schools and systems

If you are looking for a professional learning network that can empower your leadership, inform your decisions, and improve your school, district, and career, then The Collaborative is for you. Please join us for a special preview of The Collaborative on one of the following dates:

October 5  @ 11am ET, 8am PT
October 6 @ 7pm ET, 4pm PT
October 7 @ 6pm ET, 3pm PT
October 12 @12pm ET, 9am PT
October 13 @ 2pm ET, 11am PT
October 14 @ 4pm ET, 1pm PT
October 15 @ 5pm ET, 2pm PT

For questions related to pricing, benefits and services, as well as prerequisites for joining, email Drea Anastasio at danastasio@ncee.org.