A Welcome From Our New President & CEO

Anthony Mackay

To our Readers & Members of the NCEE Community,

Warm wishes for good fortune in 2019.

I know I am very fortunate to have taken up the role of President & CEO of NCEE at the start of the New Year.

NCEE has earned an outstanding national and international reputation for its decades long program of work in education encompassing research & development, policy advice, and leadership learning & development.

Our people are our prime asset – a superbly talented team of world-class staff working collaboratively across our multiple areas of focus.

Our ambition is to expand and accelerate our thought leadership, convening power, advocacy, and leadership capacity building to promote high-performing learning organizations and systems at the school, district, state and national levels.

In 2019, NCEE will continue to contribute to global knowledge generation and mobilization as we seek to design learning systems for the Third Industrial Age – an artificial intelligence (AI) future in which human-centered learning will be crucial to our sustainability. Undertaking this endeavor requires clarity of mission and strong partnerships with stakeholders of all kinds across the education landscape.

NCEE’s vision for improving education places young people, their families, and their communities center stage at a time when it is essential that all young people become powerful learners, that our learning systems and environments are highly productive, and where – in a new world of work – “Learning a Living” is a lifelong commitment.

Above all, ensuring all young people develop a strong sense of both individual and collective wellbeing is vital in a complex and uncertain world. We need great problem solvers to address complex questions and seek resolution of pressing issues. We need first-class human beings not second-class robots.

Our shared commitment is to a vibrant public education system, inclusive and diverse, dedicated to the interests of the common good with responsive and enabling forms of governance and leadership.

Success requires a high level of public confidence, political commitment, and stakeholder engagement and ownership. It also requires an ongoing national and community dialogue—a serious conversation involving early childhood education programs, K-12 schools, colleges and universities; our teacher unions; our business and nonprofit sectors; and our foundations, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs.

Learning is everybody’s business and NCEE’s business is to be highly influential and impactful in the shaping of an education system truly fit for purpose.

We know this will require an educator profession of the highest quality working alongside allied professionals.

As we engage in this work together, the full range of voices with a stake in our shared future must be heard.

Treat this space as an invitation to actively participate.

We will commit to amplifying research-based, evidence-informed policy formulation and professional practices to significantly improve and ultimately transform learning across our system of public education – to strive for ever higher levels of equity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Once again, we at NCEE wish you a happy and healthy 2019 and we look forward to working together to advance powerful learning for all young people.

Anthony Mackay
President & CEO