Center on International Education Benchmarking

Top Performing Countries – Archive

These countries were previously among CIEB’s Top Performing Countries. Their profiles have been archived and are no longer being updated.

PolandAfter the “PISA Shock” of 2000, when Germany ranked below average in both reading and math, the country enacted a series of sweeping education reforms. Find out how Germany was able to rise through the international ranks to the top tier of performance on the 2015 round of PISA.

NetherlandsThe  education system in the Netherlands is distinctive in Europe and across the globe. With long-standing commitments to religious and other freedoms, the Dutch have an education system of publicly funded choice. Find out how this top-performing system balances school choice with high standards.

New ZealandDespite its strong outcomes to date, New Zealand remains unsatisfied with its performance and the disparities between its low and high achievers, and continues to strive to improve. Find out more about this country’s efforts over the past decade  to professionalize teaching and to incentivize collaboration.