As we look around the corner to the occupations of tomorrow, schools and states will need to be more dynamic and future oriented–especially when it comes to career and technical education. – Vicki Phillips in Forbes

The NCEE Leaders Collaborative is a professional learning network exclusively for graduates of NCEE supports. It is designed to continue the learning, collegial relationships with peers, and the improvement in school systems begun in their initial engagement. The Collaborative provides leaders access to networking and learning opportunities with peers in small and large groups, experts in education leadership from across the U.S. and the world, and NCEE’s cutting-edge research.

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The Latest from the Collaborative

Previous and upcoming events for network participants.

Upcoming: On March 22nd, we will hear from Gene Pinkard, the Director of Practice and Leadership at the Aspen Institute. An educator and leader, Pinkard leads the Aspen Education urban district networks, supporting superintendents, chief academic officers, and other leaders as they deepen learning and refine improvement strategies.

Vicki Phillips

Previously: On January 20th, the Collaborative heard from Vicki Phillips, CEO of NCEE. Driven by a fierce determination to help all students realize their dreams, Dr. Vicki Phillips has championed students’ rights to a high-quality education as a teacher, superintendent of schools, state-level policymaker, nonprofit leader, and K-12 education director for the world’s largest foundation.

The convening will focused on a discussion around our guiding question for the year: how leaders like yourselves can understand schooling through the eyes of students.



The annual professional learning fee includes access to the following benefits:


Access to a national network of peers with a similar foundation of knowledge with whom you can collaborate on meaningful and forward-thinking topics and who can provide assistance as you advance in your career.


Collaboration with a small cohort of trusted and like-minded educational leaders who can support you on self-selected, real-world initiatives to improve education in your community.


Dialogues with the foremost U.S. and international experts on current research around equity, educational leadership, systems design, and continuous school improvement.

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Insights from NCEE’s international benchmarking research on high-performing systems and system design that will dramatically and equitably improve the education of all students.


The annual professional learning fee includes access to a myriad of services including:

Large Group Forums
Bi-monthly, Large Group Forums give leaders the opportunity to learn from and speak directly with some of the leading minds in education both nationally and internationally on issues selected by participants.

Small Network Groups

These are regular meetings with a consistent set of role-alike colleagues focused on similar areas of system design. Participants learn and discuss a shared topic as a group before breaking into smaller cohorts of trusted peers to plan, implement and discuss challenges and successes toward implementation of self-selected goals.

Annual Retreat

This annual gathering is designed for participants to collaborate face-to-face with fellow Collaborative leaders. The Annual Retreat provides a safe and welcoming environment for leaders to delve deeply into research and leadership practices to address the challenges in their schools and districts. Our inaugural retreat will be held in September 2022.


To register for this professional learning network, you must have successfully completed an NCEE offering such as the Executive Development Program (EDP), National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) program, District System Design Partnership (DSDP), or System Design Benchmarking (SDB).

Leaders also must be an active principal, assistant principal, or in a senior leadership role at a district office. (Superintendents are not eligible for the Collaborative, but are encouraged to learn about NCEE’s Superintendent Alliance.)

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