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NCEE invites school and district leaders from across the country to connect in a series of discussion boards,  virtual professional learning sessions and collaborative learning Zooms designed specifically for those who have one specific common bond – their NCEE learning.

The current challenges schools and districts are encountering due to coronavirus are unprecedented. The NCEE community of learners is designed to do many things, among them is to ensure a strong network of supportive peers who can come together to share resources, expertise and learning in order to best serve students and their families during times of need.


September 2020: Rituals and Routines During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Discussion Board: September 10th

As we launch a new year, whether virtual or in person, what are the routines and rituals our teachers are putting in place to help students engage in their learning?  How do these routines change from pre-K-2, 3-5, middle, high?  For those of you in virtual environments, how are the routines and rituals different in synchronous and asynchronous environments?  This discussion board will open at 8:00am ET (5:00am PT), with live moderation from 10am-12pm ET (7am-9am PT) and again from 3pm-5pm ET (12pm-2pm PT).

Professional Learning Session: September 24

Ann Borthwick will lead a discussion based on some of the themes that will arise from the discussion board. More information coming soon.
Collaborative Learning Chat: September 30
Talk in real-time via Zoom with other practitioners about what is and is not working as you begin the new school year. Stay tuned for more information.

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