Coaching and Mentoring in a Distance Learning Environment

Shot of two colleagues video chatting with each other on a computer at work

Discussion Question: How are you adapting and applying skills for coaching in a distance learning environment? How is your school/district adapting to mentor staff members, providing PD that is applicable to teacher needs, and maintaining a school leadership team structure that includes all voices?

Discussion Starts: Friday, May 15th, 2020 at 8:00 am EDT and will be actively moderated from 8-10am ET and then again from 1-3pm ET.  Comments will remain open outside of active moderation hours indefinitely. 

In this forum, moderators Tonya Johnson-Hunter and Angelique Ogea will facilitate a discussion of how your schools and districts are approaching the need for coaching and mentoring without the possibility of face-to-face meetings.

Please feel free to post your own comments and use the reply function to respond to others, both during and outside of active moderation hours. Note that while anyone may read comments, users must have a Disqus account to post comments or reply to others. Sign up for Disqus here.

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