High Performing Systems for Tomorrow May 2020 Policy Dialogue

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Sunday, May 3

4:30 pm – Welcome and Current Context

Mart Laidmets, Secretary General, Ministry of Education of Estonia
Anthony Mackay, NCEE

System Level Responses to the Pandemic around the Globe
Speaker: Andreas Schleicher, OECD

5:30 pm – Adjourn

Monday, May 4

3:00 pm – Overview of Agenda and Goals

3:15 pm – Roundtable Update on the Education System’s Response to the Pandemic in Each Jurisdiction 

Facilitator: Anthony Mackay
Responses from: Hong Kong, Singapore, Estonia, Finland, British Columbia

4:30 pm – An OECD Perspective on Innovative Learning Environments, Pedagogy and Assessment for an AI World

Presenters: Dirk Van Damme and Michael Stevenson, OECD
Responses from each jurisdiction

5:30 pm – Adjourn

Tuesday, May 5

2:45 pm – Estonia’s 2035 Strategy: Will it Be Reshaped Post-Pandemic?

Speakers: Marju Lauristin and Raul Eamets, leads of the Social Cohesion and Economic Competitiveness workgroups for the Estonia 2035 Strategy; Heli Aru-Chabilan, Chair, HITSA

3:30 pm – Preview of Fall Dialogue about the Teaching Profession  

Each jurisdiction presents its current challenges in advancing the teaching profession and group discusses common themes and challenges

Facilitator: Anthony Mackay
Responses from each jurisdiction

4:30 pm – Roundtable Discussion of Transforming National Education Systems for a World Transformed by Intelligent Machines

Each jurisdiction reacts to the memo describing the revision of the paper and identifies key issues for follow-up discussion
Marc Tucker, NCEE

5:30 pm – Anticipating HPST Products and Next Steps

Anthony Mackay, NCEE

4:45 pm – Adjourn

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