NCEE’s 25th Anniversary Dinner

On May 6th, present and former staff, trustees, advisors and other members of the extended NCEE family gathered to celebrate the organization’s 25th birthday.25 large round Below are some quotes from educators, analysts and policy makers who have followed the organization over the years, as well as pictures from the gathering.

“I think that the Center came about at a time when there was actually a void around the whole question of solutions. There were lots of people who were talking about the problem, but in terms of offering ideas for how to move forward, that wasn’t there.  And I think that the Center filled that space.” – Shirley Malcolm, Head of Education and Human Resources, American Association for the Advancement of Science

“More than any single organization that I can think of, NCEE has helped move our collective thinking about the system of American education and its need to become more coherent and performance driven.” –Gib Hentschke, Dean, Rossier School of Education, USC

“The research that NCEE [does] is factually founded, there’s no great ideological statement there. It’s fact-based and it is non-political. It is based on a problem-solving approach that really [does] work.” –Bill Brock, U.S. Secretary of Labor, Co-Chair, Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce

“What NCEE has done in the past is [show] people, people from around the world, that we share a lot more challenges in common and also many of the solutions are more portable than what we commonly think. Putting that on the table, I think, is an enormous contribution.” –Andreas Schleicher, Deputy Director for Education and Skills, OECD

“NCEE’s big contribution over these 25 years, in my view, has been to put big, bold ideas, based largely on international evidence, on the table for state and national and local policy makers to wrestle with. I think NCEE has really helped shape and define the policy agenda in the country; it’s always been a bit out in front. . . . As a thought leader and as a provocateur and a proposer of bold new ideas I really don’t think there’s been another organization in the policy space that’s had comparable effect.” –Bob Schwartz, Professor, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University

“I want to congratulate the National Center on Education and the Economy on their 25h Anniversary. The work has been wonderful. I’m so proud of Marc and all the people that work with him. He’s a real visionary leader – this is visionary work – but he also has the guts to push, to tell the truth, to push for changes that a lot of people don’t like and that aren’t very comfortable, but that ought to be made.” –James B. Hunt, Jr. Governor, North Carolina