Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce Publications

Tough Choices or Tough Times Executive Summary
The Executive Summary of Tough Choices or Tough Times by the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce explains how the dynamics of the global economy will lead to a steady decline in the American standard of living if this country does not undertake the first thorough overhaul of its education system in a century.

Order Tough Choices for Tough Times
This report proposes a restructuring of educational priorities that will have a major impact on all levels of education – from preschool to college and beyond. The book contains the final commission report, an executive summary of the report, and very brief summaries of the longer studies that helped inform the report – on the challenges of Asia, educating for innovation, early education, workforce training, and international perspectives. Bullet points, graphs, pie-charts, and sidebar items will help illustrate and clarify the recommendations.

America’s Choice: High Skills or Low Wages!
June 1990
This report by the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce helped launch the standards movement in the United States. The report analyzes the decreasing productivity of the American economy and makes recommendations for improving worker skills through internationally benchmarked education standards and integrated career training.

The New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce: The Study
This booklet includes information on the methodology and background research that underpinned the Commission’s work, as well as a list of Commission participants and staff.

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