Sen. Ryan Aument from Pennsylvania explains why We shouldn’t fund a broken education system.

Global Ed Talks with Anthony Mackay: An Interview with John White

In the final Global Ed Talks of 2020, Anthony Mackay is joined by John White, co-founder and board chairman of Propel America and member of NCEE’s Board of Trustees. Mackay and White reflect on the unprecedented year that was 2020, make predictions for 2021, and discuss how the incoming Biden administration can create a positive, lasting impact on education in the US for years to come. During the interview, White, who previously served as the Louisiana State Superintendent of Education as well as Deputy Chancellor for the New York City Department of Education, details what he views as the highest priority items of an education change agenda that responds to the initial crisis caused by the pandemic but also has a long-term system-wide focus. Watch the interview below or listen as a podcast on iTunes or Spotify.