Find out how a new college-in-high-school program is better preparing students by mirroring a college academic experience, with an emphasis on college-style teaching and learning.

Our children should not have to wait any longer for the quality of education they need and deserve.

Last week, groundbreaking education legislation became law in Maryland. The passage of The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, which was informed by the recommendations of the state’s Commission on Innovation & Excellence in Education, paves the way for the state to build a public education system that provides the foundation for broadly shared prosperity for its citizens, one of the world’s most skilled workforces for its employers, and rewarding careers for its students. 

NCEE served as the lead policy consultant to the Commission, comparing the policies and practices of Maryland’s existing system with the strategies used by the countries and states with the highest student performance and most equitable outcomes. While the legislation is specific to Maryland’s needs and context, the path the Commission followed in designing its plan can inform any state that wants to design its education system to ensure that all students achieve at high levels. Learn more.