A new brief from NCEE explores how, in the wake of the pandemic, education systems both in the U.S. and abroad are harnessing innovation and digital technologies to deepen and accelerate learning for all students.

The New South Wales Department of Education is undertaking a new project, Education for a Changing World, aimed at “exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence, education and 21st century skill needs.” As part of the project, the department commissioned a series of papers by leading thinkers, which is now compiled as an ebook, Future Frontiers: Education for an AI world. This included two papers from NCEE President Marc Tucker: “Education for a Digital Future: The Challenge” and “Education for a Digital Future: Notes on Curriculum”.

The department recently hosted the “Education for a Changing World Symposium” on November 9-10, 2017. The two-day conference was attended by some 300 people, including key influencers and advocates, and featured panels and speeches by Australian and international leaders and researchers. Marc Tucker delivered the keynote address to the symposium, in which he raised critical issues about the role of education and future skills in the time of artificial intelligence. Watch his address, Educating for an AI Future, below.