Is the fragility of GenZ a “national crisis that will imperil American capitalism, culture & social cohesion”? Read a different perspective from Vicki Phillips in Forbes.

The new book, Vocational Education and Training for a Global Economy, takes an in-depth look at how four countries are expanding and adapting their vocational education and training (VET) systems to better prepare young people for a fast-changing workplace in the age of globalization and digitalization. In it, Marc Tucker explores how Singapore is one example of a nation that has built a VET system as part of its economic strategy, resulting in a responsive system that both prepares young people for the realities of the future workforce and ensures that Singapore as a whole will have the well-trained, highly-skilled workers it needs for its economy to continue to grow. Join Tucker and a panel of VET experts on November 7th as they discuss what the U.S. can learn from Singapore and other cutting-edge VET systems from around the world.