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NCEE Launches Member Organizations for Superintendents

On September 22, NCEE launched the NCEE Superintendents Alliance, a professional organization unlike any other that is built on the foundation of NCEE’s global research on high-performing education systems and that will  serve as a safe, collegial support network for superintendents who are leading their districts during these uncertain and complex times.

NCEE Superintendents Alliance

The Alliance is a membership organization designed to meet the professional and career needs of American superintendents. It aims to support superintendents nationwide in redesigning public schools for higher, and more equitable, learning. Significant redesign may be more achievable and more needed than ever due to the urgency created by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nearly 50 superintendents joined the September 22 virtual launch event and the feedback we received confirmed the need for opportunities for continued discussions with peers and insights from experts as we navigate these challenging times and plan for a brighter future. For 2020, membership in The Alliance has been made exclusive to superintendents who have previously or are currently engaged with NCEE’s work. These Founding Members will drive the conversation, determining what is important, useful, and timely.  

During the inaugural year of The Alliance, Founding Members will be given complimentary access to activities and a range of services and opportunities including:  

  • Collaborative forums featuring topics chosen by superintendents for superintendents
  • Monthly small group (Large Urban, Urban, Rural, Suburban, superintendents of color, Charters, etc.) networking, discussion, and strategy sessions
  • Crowd sourced PLC small group conversations about topics that are timely and urgent
  • Opportunities to engage in NCEE-led book studies
  • Dialogues with peers and experts in top-performing education systems around the globe on key issues and collaborate globally to address those issues
  • Opportunities to serve on various thought-leading committees that inform the work of NCEE

Open enrollment for The Alliance will begin in 2021, expanding beyond NCEE’s current and former partners to be available to all superintendents interested in the work and mission of NCEE. We intend to launch a similar, parallel effort for aspiring superintendents, which will draw initially from graduates of NCEE offerings, in 2021.

With the launch of The Alliance, NCEE aspires to become the leading resource for superintendents who want to advance their districts and their careers – whether through timely executive development, collaboration on system design, networking, or to find new career opportunities. We hope you’ll follow along as we share stories from the membership organization over the next several months.