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In a brief conversation, Anthony Mackay and Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester in the UK, discuss Lucas’s recently released paper Rethinking Assessment in Education: The Case for Change.

In this paper, Lucas, Co-founder of Rethinking Assessment, a coalition of education leaders, employers, researchers, and policymakers looking to reform assessment in England, argues that current approaches to assessment use ‘the wrong kinds of nets’, especially if we are wanting to ‘catch’ young people’s strengths. He discusses issues with the content of school curricula; models of a more global curriculum and lifelong learning; the roles of skills and competencies in learning; and related problems with educational assessment. Lucas revisits the purposes of assessment, explores promising practices from around the world and provides examples of both visible progress and emerging new directions in assessment. Find an introduction to the paper in the video below.