Center on International Education Benchmarking

What can the rest of the nation learn from Maryland’s sweeping education reform plan?

Dr. Sharon Lynn Kagan and her team of international researchers revealed inconvenient truths of U.S. Early Childhood Education & Care.

How can we design a highly effective systems to educate U.S. students to world-class standards?

For the Week of  March 26 – April 2, 2020

This week’s International Education News shares updates about how Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore are addressing the challenge of transitioning to online and distance learning in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Across Canada, Provinces Prepare for Online and Distance Learning


New Zealand Launches Websites to Support Parents, Teachers Implement Distance Learning


Singapore Schools Are Open with Home-Learning Options Available as Needed


Educators reflect on transition to distance learning in Hong Kong, Shanghai


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