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NCSL logoNCEE’s Center on International Education Benchmarking is partnering with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to manage a Study Group investigating top performing education jurisdictions around the world. The Study Group is working together to understand what has led to high student performance in those countries, provinces and states, and how what they learn can be adapted to improve the quality and effectiveness of education in US states for all young people. This work will result in a major report from NCSL to the American public focusing on what they have learned from studying these education systems so that our system can not only meet, but also exceed the best in the world. The Study Group is made up of Education and Education Appropriation Committee Chairs and legislative staff from state legislatures across the country. The group is bi-partisan and geographically balanced. The Study Group is investigating the top performing systems in:



The Study Group is using CIEB’s Nine Building Blocks for a World-Class Education System as a framework for their analysis of the countries being studied. Partnering with NCSL, CIEB is helping to organize forums with international experts, providing research, data, and analysis of top performing countries, and supporting benchmarking visits to select countries by Study Group members. The Study Group’s work is scheduled for completion by November 2015.

The international experts are:

  • Dr. Bill Schmidt, Center for the Study of Curriculum, Michigan State University
  • Pasi Sahlberg, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Vivien Stewart, Asia Society
  • Helen Ladd, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
  • Andreas Schleicher, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
  • Michael Davidson, OECD
  • Dirk Van Damme, OECD
  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University
  • Ben Jensen, Learning First, Australia
  • Tony Mackay, National Institute for School Leadership

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