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Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

ASEM hosts summits for leaders from 49 European and Asian countries every other year to provide a forum for comparative and collaborative policy discussions. Additionally, ASEM has held four meetings specifically focused on education, drawing the education ministers from the participating countries. A fifth is planned for April 2015 in Latvia, with the focus still to be decided. The previous session, attended by 34 ministers in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, focused extensively on technical and vocational education and training.

System Assessment and Benchmarking for Education Results (SABER)

The World Bank hosted the most recent East Asia Regional Conference on System Assessment and Benchmarking for Education Results (SABER) on June 6-8, 2011 in Indonesia. Conference partners included the Korean Government, the UK Department for International Development, the Nanyang Technological University, UNESCO, Russian Education Aid for Development and the Education Program Development fund. The program focused on developing analytical tools to evaluate and diagnose international education systems. The final report is available here. The World Bank has substantially updated the SABER tool based on user feedback. On March 18, 2014, the World Bank and USAID hosted a half-day conference commemorating the launch of a new and improved SABER tool. The tool is available here.

International Summit on the Teaching Profession

Every year, OECD and Education International (EI) convene ministers of education and leaders of teachers’ unions from around the globe to discuss questions of teacher policy. Each year, a different Ministry of Education hosts. The New Zealand Ministry of Education hosted the 4th International Summit on the Teaching Profession in Wellington on March 28-29, 2014. Participants discussed teacher and principal recruitment and retention, as well as the development of equitable learning environments for students at all levels. The final report from that summit is available here. The Council of Minister’s of Education, Canada (CMEC) recently announced that the fifth International Summit will be held in Banff, Alberta, Canada, March 29-30, 2015. Previously, the 2013 Summit was held in Beurs van Berlag, Amsterdam, with a focus on measuring teacher evaluation. The final report is available here. You can read the report from the 2012 Summit on teacher leadership held in New York City here. Finally, the report on the 2011 New York Summit on teacher quality is available here.

World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) Conferences

Every three years, the WCCES holds a conference that draws scholars, administrators and researchers from all over the world in order to direct their attention to new problems and topics in the field of international education. The most recent World Congress was held in 2013 in Buenos Aires, and the theme of discussion was “New Times, New Voices: Comparative Perspectives for Education”. WCCES has not yet announced details on the 2016 conference.

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

WISE is a community of education stakeholders from over 200 countries who share the goal of fostering innovation in global education. Funded by the QATAR Foundation, the group annually convenes the three-day WISE Summit. Practitioners and policymakers come together to highlight significant innovations in education, tackle pressing problems, and award the prestigious WISE Prize for Education. This year’s summit, “Imagine-Create-Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education,” will be held in Doha, Qatar from November 4-6, 2014.

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