Center on International Education Benchmarking

Shanghai’s Migrant Students and PISA 2012

Are the Chinese cheating in PISA or are we cheating ourselves?, OECD Education Today, December 10, 2013
Andreas Schleicher, Deputy Director for Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the OECD’s Secretary General, rebuts criticisms against the validity of Shanghai’s PISA sample.

Attention OECD-PISA: Your Silence on China is Wrong, Brookings Institute, December 11, 2013
Tom Loveless explains why he believes that the Shanghai sample is unfairly skewed, under representing migrant students and ignoring the rest of China.

Shanghai Responds to School Ranking Cheating Allegations, Global Learning Blog on, December 21, 2013
Zhang Minxuan, Director of the Center for International Comparative Education, Shanghai Normal University, and Director of Shanghai PISA, offers his perspective on the PISA rankings.

Response to the Brookings Institution Attack on PISA, Top Performers Blog on, December 26, 2013
Andreas Schleicher and Marc Tucker respond to charges from Tom Loveless that the PISA results for Shanghai are suspect.

PISA’s China Problem Continues: A Response to Schleicher, Zhang, and Tucker, Brookings Institute, January 8, 2014
Tom Loveless responds to counter-arguments, repeating his criticisms of the Shanghai PISA sample.

Evaluating Shanghai’s high test scores, The Economist,January 21st 2014
A brief overview of some of the criticisms levied at the Shanghai PISA scores and the policies surrounding migrant children in Shanghai.

Tom Loveless on Hukou in China, Top Performers Blog on, January 24, 2014
Marc Tucker explains that while China’s policies regarding migrant students are problematic, these are slowly being changed. In the meantime, Shanghai’s education system still has much to teach the rest of the world.