Center on System Leadership

Who We Are

NCEE’s Center on System Leadership provides a cohesive, aligned system of supports across all levels of U.S. education based on a shared research foundation. More than three decades of research by NCEE on the top-performing education systems in the world has been embedded into each of these supports.

School leaders are essential to driving systemic improvements in instruction and student learning.

Districts must redesign their systems so that students may compete in today’s changing global economy.

Our Vision

We want, at a minimum, to be sure that all high school graduates are ready to succeed in the two-year and four-year college or technical programs that will prepare them for both work and further education.

But that is not all we want. We want students whose mastery of the subjects they have studied runs deep—they have the kind of deep understanding of those subjects that will enable them to learn other things easily when they need to and to apply what they have learned creatively and effectively to a wide range of problems and challenges. We want them to be able to synthesize what they have learned from many domains as they address those challenges and to analyze the challenges they face so that they can address them. They will have to be very good communicators, in many mediums. They will need to be both disciplined and creative at the same time. They will need to be able to set a goal, develop a plan, and work toward it.

But we want far more than that for our students. They need to learn how to lead and how to be good team members. We want them to set high standards for themselves and to be prepared to work hard to achieve them. Their character matters to us. We want them to know right from wrong and to do the right thing when it is not easy to do. We want them to take pleasure from serving others and being contributing members of society. We want them to be tolerant and inclusive. We want them to be tough and kind.

School is about a lot more than just classwork. It is about all the kinds of learning that need to take place to develop graduates who will succeed.