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The NISL Program: Coaching

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The NISL Coaching Model

Preparing School Leaders to Coach Instructional Staff – How NISL Addresses Coaching

Most leadership coaching is a proxy for mentoring, in that it is informal, unfocused and limited in rigor and scope. The NISL coaching model is different—a researched-based coaching methodology that provides school leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to build strong, effective coaching relationships with their staff, and to drive improvements in instruction across classrooms. An entire unit of NISL focuses on equipping participating school leaders with a research-based coaching model that allows them to go beyond teacher evaluation to truly improve the instructional practice of teachers.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Coaches of Principals – An Optional Support for Coaches of NISL Graduates

The School Leadership Coaching Program (SLCP) is for principal supervisors and coaches. The SLCP uses the same coaching model found within NISL. It also adds explicit connections to NISL—leveraging language, the framework for the school leader’s role, and the diagnostic tools it contains to effectively focus coaching sessions. During the five-day program, principal supervisors and coaches learn and practice using a research-based coaching model, study how to leverage NISL to focus their coaching, and develop a Professional Learning Community (PLC) with fellow supervisors and coaches that strengthens communities of practice within the school and school district.

SLCP participants and the school leaders they support participate in NISL, providing them a shared leadership understanding of the principal’s role, tools and applied learning opportunities necessary for effective principal coaching. The SLCP will improve the coaching of principals as well as accelerating and deepening implementation of the leadership practices at the heart of NISL.

The SLCP provides:

  • Support to sharpen key coaching skills—listening, questioning, observing, reflecting and providing feedback—and instructional knowledge; and
  • A methodology and tools to focus coaching interactions on areas that research shows are most important for student learning gains—strategic initiatives that address both the needs of principals and other school leaders and the priorities of their schools

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