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The NISL Program: Delivery

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The NISL Program Is Now Available Virtually

The NISL program is designed to meet each district’s delivery needs. NISL’s flexible design can blend virtual and face-to-face sessions to reduce time out of school and to provide flexible access to the learning and its application. Whether delivered in a blend of virtual and face-to-face sessions or entirely virtually, the content and learning of the NISL program is consistent. NCEE can also provide partners with the capacity to deliver the program internally utilizing local staff, allowing for scaling and sustaining the program across large districts or states.

Flexible Delivery

NISL includes 12 units, divided into three courses, spread over approximately 12 months. NISL is delivered in an engaging, cohort-based environment.

NISL Units 1, 4, 8, and 12 provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction between NCEE facilitators and participants. Face-to-face units are delivered each month in back-to-back days. Districts may choose to take advantage of all four face-to-face units, or opt for some or all of these face-to-face sessions to be delivered virtually. Virtual units are delivered in three four-hour sessions over consecutive days. The duration and pacing of virtual sessions can be tailored to district needs.

NISL utilizes Zoom for virtual sessions to allow for digital breakout sessions, chat functionality, digital “hand raising” and sharing of digital resources. (NCEE can be flexible in delivering NISL on various video conferencing platforms.) NCEE ensures that each participant is engaged in the learning and that each session runs smoothly by including a trained “producer” alongside NCEE faculty who monitors chats and addresses any technical issues that may arise.

A key component of NISL is action learning. Action learning allows participants to apply their learning through an interactive process involving the deep analysis of participants’ individualized contexts, setting clear visions and working through a theory of action and related strategies. Action learning deepens participants’ understanding of the content and processes embedded in NISL and it affects positive change in their schools. Each participant receives targeted support from NCEE facilitators in smaller groups around common action learning themes. Action learning support typically begins in the last NISL units and continues for three to six months beyond the 12 NISL units.

Throughout the program, all participants benefit from access to the NCEE Portal, a proprietary digital tool that provides readings, videos, research, diagnostic tools and network supports for participants.

Participants in cohort: Min: 25 Max: 32

Note: Contact NCEE to inquire about smaller numbers joining national cohorts

Train the Trainer

Train-the-trainer provides states and districts the internal capacity to facilitate the NISL program onsite, significantly reducing the cost of scaling and sustaining implementation across multiple cohorts. In this model, districts and states select local staff to take on NISL facilitation. Selected leaders go through the NISL program alongside direct-delivery participants, and then go through a six-day facilitation institute before going on to co-facilitate a direct-delivery cohort which includes opportunities to lead portions of facilitation and to receive feedback from NCEE faculty. Upon demonstrating success in NISL facilitation, they become certified facilitators.

Once facilitators are certified, they can deliver directly and independently to participants. Participants still receive the content and additional support needed through purchase of the Participant Support Suite (PSS). The PSS includes all materials and access to the NCEE Portal, as well as continued direct support from NCEE through the provision of virtual action learning support (see above) and the direct, digital delivery of Course 2 units by NCEE faculty.

Participants: Min: 25 Max: 32

Note: Contact NCEE to inquire about smaller numbers joining national cohorts

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