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Partner Supports

NCEE offers a suite of complimentary supports for past and current participants of our professional learning programs. These supports offer school and district leaders who have a common bond—their NCEE learning—the opportunity to connect, share ideas and build capacity during sessions led by NCEE’s network of expert facilitators. Every month, leaders from across the country gather in a variety of virtual settings for a series of events focused on a designated topic.

The NCEE community of learners is designed to do many things, among them is to ensure a strong network of supportive peers who can come together to strengthen the education systems they lead and improve the learning and opportunity of the students they serve.

Discussion Forums

NCEE’s discussion boards offer a space for past and current NCEE partners and participants at all levels to share resources, expertise and learning. Every month, a new discussion board topic is launched for discussion and is moderated by one of NCEE’s expert facilitators.

Discussion board topics are timely and relevant to the current contexts faced by school leaders. NCEE partners and participants from across the country have contributed to more than a dozen discussions on topics ranging from models of distance learning to approaches to supporting students as they transition grades and schools.

Click here to learn more about NCEE’s discussion boards for past and current partners and participants and how you can participate. We invite you to join upcoming discussion boards, or to review and add on to prior discussions.

Virtual Professional Learning Sessions

NCEE’s complimentary virtual professional learning sessions are designed to provide timely, efficient and relevant learning experiences for past or current NCEE partners and participants at all levels. Each virtual professional learning session is designed to build leadership capacity in areas of immediate concern and allow participants to take a deeper dive into their NCEE learning. The sessions, which take place using Zoom, utilize both large and small group settings where participants play a vital role in the learning structure and are actively engaged throughout the hour and fifteen minute event.

School leaders from across the country have participated in NCEE’s virtual professional learning sessions on topics including an introduction to the research on how people learn, key elements of assessment and distributed instructional leadership as a lever for implementing a professional learning system. Virtual professional learning sessions have limited registration space and require that participants complete assigned pre-work in advance.

To learn more about NCEE’s upcoming virtual professional learning sessions, contact Drea Anastasio at

Collaborative Learning Virtual Sessions

NCEE’s collaborative learning virtual sessions offer a space for school leaders at all levels to share strategies, solutions and obstacles related to the current context. During these sessions, participants are joined by others with similar learning around NCEE’s research from a variety of offerings and/or leaders who are in similar roles. These monthly sessions build on the topics introduced in discussion boards and deepened in the professional learning sessions. (Participants do not have to have participated in one of those in order to contribute in this session.) 

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