Prior Initiatives

  • Excellence For All

    Excellence for All provides a clear, practical strategy for every student to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college or in a program of career and technical education that will lead to a successful career. It is modeled after the systems of aligned instruction and examination used by the best-performing education systems in the world while incorporating distinct American values.

  • Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce

    A group of American business, government, civil rights and education leaders that proposed a new framework for American education to boost student performance and raise system efficiency. Their report, Tough Choices or Tough Times, is available online.

    Commission Papers of Note: 
    Rethinking and Redesigning Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: What Contemporary Research and Theory Suggests (Pellegrino, 2006)  

  • Tough Choices or Tough Times State Consortium

    A group of leading-edge states working to implement the recommendations in the report, Tough Choices or Tough Times.

  • Workforce Development Program

    Has provided policymakers, states, localities, and others the advice and assistance needed to build comprehensive workforce development systems that meet the needs of America’s workers, jobseekers, and employers. In 2009, the WDSG joined forces with Jobs for the Future and created a new Workforce and Education Policy Group to forward this mission.

  • America’s Choice

    Provides school designs and instructional systems to help low performing schools raise their performance. America’s Choice partners with states, districts, and schools to deliver solutions to improve results for all students by providing high-quality materials, professional development, and technical assistance that bring increased rigor to instructional programs.