Who We Are

Our Mission

The National Center on Education and the Economy was created in 1988 to analyze the implications of changes in the international economy for American education, formulate an agenda for American education based on that analysis and seek wherever possible to accomplish that agenda through policy change and development of the resources educators would need to carry it out.

NCEE has three programs designed to accomplish these goals: The Center on International Education Benchmarking, The National Institute for School Leadership and a consulting service for states and large school districts.

The Center on International Education Benchmarking

NCEE’s Center on International Education Benchmarking funds and conducts research around the world on the most successful education systems to identify the strategies those countries have used to produce their superior performance. Through its books, reports, website, monthly newsletter, and a weekly update of education news around the world, CIEB provides up-to-date information and analysis on those countries whose students regularly top the PISA league tables. CIEB’s global research is conducted in consultation with some of the foremost global education researchers and leaders and CIEB’s international benchmarking reports have been used by policymakers across the political spectrum.

The National Institute for School Leadership

The National Institute for School Leadership partners with state and district education leaders around the United States to deliver training for school and education system leaders intended to help them implement the world’s most successful education practices, using  the world’s best research on leadership in business and the military.  NISL uses a blended training system built on a state-of-the art delivery platform.  NISL’s Executive Development Program is now the most widely used school leadership program in the United States, training more than 10,000 school principals in 27 states. Multiple independent studies have shown that students in schools led by NISL-trained leaders outperform their peers in both mathematics and reading.

Consulting Services

NCEE’s consulting services provide the research, analysis and strategic planning support states and districts need to design education systems for high performance, equity and efficiency. NCEE’s consulting services bring to bear the lessons learned from three decades of benchmarking top-performing systems around the world and enlist the expertise of top researchers, analysts, policymakers, and practitioners from the U.S. and abroad.

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