Ann Borthwick

Ann has 30 years of experience in working on school improvement in the United States and Australia. Her experience embraces both policy and program development and includes management of field service delivery. In her most recent role as Vice President and Architect for Pearson School Achievement Services, she led the design of Pearson’s Schoolwide Improvement Model, a comprehensive approach to school improvement designed to support integration of the Common Core and guide a schoolwide, sustainable approach to achieving college and career readiness for all students.. She worked with America’s Choice from its inception and was actively engaged in program design and delivery. She served as Northeast Region director of America’s Choice for eight years.

Ann came to the United States in 1994 to take the leading role in standards development for New Standards, a joint initiative of NCEE and the University of Pittsburgh. Her prior experience was in Australia where, after beginning her career in secondary teaching, she worked on a series of state and national initiatives to improve the quality of curriculum and instruction with a focus on improving student outcomes. She had a leading role in a major overhaul of senior secondary schooling in the State of Victoria, including oversight of curriculum development, alignment of standards, instruction and assessment, implementation planning, and the major professional development program associated with this initiative. In her final role in Australia, she led the secretariat for the peak body responsible for independent policy advice to the Australian Government relating to employment and training as well as school and higher education.


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