Donna Hughes

Donna Hughes is Senior Instructional Designer as NISL. In this capacity, she applies standard Instructional Systems Design methodology to help content experts create rigorous, job-relevant professional development for our clients. From 2003 – 2012, she was Manager for Instructional Design and Evaluation at NCEE and America’s Choice/Pearson. Prior to joining NCEE, Donna worked on training and performance consulting initiatives at various organizations around the Washington DC area, including Nextel, Red Cross Headquarters, and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

Having earned her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience at New York University, she has taught college courses in applied learning theory, memory, motivation, physiological psychology, et al. at The Johns Hopkins University, NYU, University of Maryland’s European Division, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Phone: 202-378-2219

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