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Center on System Leadership

Teaching for Effective Learning (TEL) Series

The Teaching for Effective Learning (TEL) Series supports teachers of the instructional core in schools led by NISL graduates. TEL drives the research on how people learn into the classroom by equipping teachers with a deep understanding of its implications within the disciplines of language and literature, mathematics, the sciences, and history and social studies. TEL builds teachers’ capacity to use this research to support effective learning by engaging students’ preconceptions and helping learners systemically build and organize their knowledge, and take ownership of their learning processes. Teachers learn to combine a rigorous, disciplinary approach with teaching that is informed by their students’ progress and responsive to their learning needs.

The NISL program also provides school leaders with an understanding of why and how they should organize their schools to support an ongoing process of practitioner inquiry, and TEL helps teachers develop the knowledge and skills they need to bring this process to life. Thus, TEL helps principals and their teachers turn their schools into robust professional learning communities focused on the learning of all students.

TEL is delivered in two phases:

  • Phase One: Foundations of Effective Learning
  • Phase Two: Teaching for Effective Learning in the Disciplines

TEL Structure

TEL includes both face-to-face coursework and onsite research support.

Face-to-Face Coursework

Three days of coursework, delivered as two consecutive days plus a third day, which is intended to be conducted approximately three to six months after completing the first two days. This is to provide teachers time to conduct practitioner inquiries that they devise during the sessions.

Research Support

TEL includes eight half-days of onsite NCEE Research Adviser support. Advisers help participants connect their learning to their school context, provide guidance and feedback on participants’ practitioner inquiries and help school leaders organize their school to facilitate collaborative professional learning.

For more information regarding TEL, contact Drea Anastasio

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