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Charter Schools Are a Band-Aid When a Heart Transplant is Needed

In response to an argument the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Michael J. Petrilli that charter schools should be expanded in U.S. cities, Marc Tucker encourages the U.S. to look for lessons from top-performing education systems.

Mackay’s Global Ed Talks with John White

Anthony Mackay and John White, co-founder and board chairman of Propel America, reflect on the unprecedented past year, make predictions for 2021, and discuss how the Biden administration can create a positive, lasting impact on education in the United States.

Passage of Blueprint for Maryland’s Future

The legislation paves the way for Maryland to build a public education system that provides the foundation for broadly shared prosperity for its citizens, one of the world’s most skilled workforces for its employers, and rewarding careers for its students. 

Preparing Future-Ready Teachers

Jurisdictions around the world are rethinking the knowledge, skills and competencies students will need for a very different future. In response, top performers including Hong Kong, Singapore and Estonia have developed new teacher competencies.