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The gap in performance between the students in the wealthy suburbs and the students in our working-class suburbs and poverty-stricken inner city and rural districts is about to explode.
COVID-19 and Our Schools: The Real Challenge

Marc Tucker explains why the impact of COVID-19 on student learning gaps in the U.S. calls for a new public education system that will prepare the nation’s young people for a complex and changing world.

Global Ed Talks: James Spillane

James Spillane, Professor at the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, argues for more expansive notions about leadership in the educational sector with a system-wide outlook.

James Pellegrino, Aaron Thompson, Betsy Brown Ruzzi, John White
Four Nationally Recognized Education Leaders Join the NCEE Board of Trustees

Betsy Brown Ruzzi, James Pellegrino, Aaron Thompson & John White Bring Diverse Backgrounds, Expertise to the NCEE Board

A Statement from NCEE on Equity and Justice

NCEE supports people and communities of color. While it is important to speak about equity and advocate for education policies that drive toward that goal, it is not enough. Click to read the full statement.

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