Recent grads: You may think you’re done learning, but you’re just getting started. Vicki Philips explains in Forbes.

Nathan Driskell
by Nathan Driskell

NCEE’s Report from the 2020 Virtual Meeting of the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership

In this report, NCEE recaps the 2020 virtual meeting of The Global Education Leaders’ Partnership that brought together leading thinkers on how to transform education systems for the future.

Four Dimensions of Learning Ecosystems

In addition to helping our partners to achieve results that will match or exceed those of the world’s leading education systems today, NCEE knows that our school systems will continue to fall behind if they don’t prepare students for the world of education, work, and life as it will exist tomorrow and well into the future. NCEE participates regularly in global convenings of academics, educators, and thought leaders to anticipate what the future may hold, and to translate their thinking into actionable policy and practice recommendations for our partners.

From May 17 to May 20, 2020, leading thinkers on how to transform education systems for the future convened under the banner of the Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP), with NCEE’s President and CEO and GELP Co-chair Anthony Mackay serving as a co-facilitator.