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Using Teachers' Time Wisely: Hours Per Year Teachers Spend Teaching, By Country

Teachers in the Unites States spend many more hours per year in front of classes than do their international counterparts. While US teachers spend most of their time in front of the class teaching, teachers in top-performing countries like South Korea, Finland and Canada are expected to spend time collaborating with their peers, observing other teachers, preparing lessons, and even doing research to improve their craft. To see a comparison of teachers’ actual daily schedules in the U.S. and a top-performing country, see our past Statistic of the Month: Teachers and Teaching Time. And for more on what the data coming out of the OECD’s latest Education at a Glance report means for the U.S., register for NCEE’s webinar with OECD Director for Education and Skills Andreas Schleicher, the U.S. Department of Education’s Thomas Snyder and NCEE President and CEO Anthony Mackay on September 18th.