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Anticipating the Future

This series of briefs explores both the current priorities and the future goals driving some of the world’s best-performing and most innovative education systems. Filled with real-world examples, both domestic and international, these briefs look around the corner to answer questions such as:

Top Performers Reimagine the Teaching Profession

How can we build a teaching force that is empowered, resilient and adaptive to future shocks, innovative, and responsive to new challenges and opportunities?

Top Performers Emerge from the Pandemic

How can school systems learn from the experience and leverage the most effective and innovative practices of the era to become stronger and better prepared than ever?

Global Models of Career Pathways

How do we build more robust and equitable career pathways to prepare all our youth to thrive in work and life?

This series is ongoing. Forthcoming briefs will explore topics such as innovations in assessment practices and curriculum models for the future.

Building a World-Class Learning System

Building a World-Class Learning System

Insights from some top-performing school systems

NCEE asked Geoff Masters, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) and an international expert on educational assessment, to take a broad look at the learning systems in a small set of jurisdictions—British Columbia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong and South Korea—that have long performed well on the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). The question we posed to him was, what do these different education systems have in common now, and as they look into the future?

The result of this multi-year study is a free-to-download eBook that provides a framework for looking at learning systems comprehensively, with chapters focused on system aspirations; curriculum and assessment; student, teacher, and leader support; and the ecosystem that supports learning. Learn more about the study and download the book here. Case studies that delve deeper into some of the jurisdictions included in the study are forthcoming.