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Learning From the Best Abroad

By studying high-flying schools around the world, some district leaders in the U.S. are driving transformative changes to yield better results

Learning From the Best Abroad

“I’m a firm believer that every organization is perfectly designed to get the results that it’s getting, 100 percent of the time.”

That’s the perspective of Chad Shealy, the recently retired superintendent of the Vicksburg Warren School District in Mississippi. Under his leadership, Vicksburg Warren went from a district with a 50 percent graduation rate and a D grade on the state‘s school report card to a nearly 90 percent graduation rate and a B state rating within the span of eight years.

With a focus on building high-quality, career- and college-aligned, post-high school pathways for all students, the 7,200-student district changed its trajectory.

A culture of low expectations was also turned around, according to Shealy.

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