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Top Performers Reimagine the Teaching Profession

U.S. schools and districts can glean valuable insights from global leaders on attracting and preparing teachers who will empower all learners today and equip them for the future.

How can we build a teaching force that is empowered, resilient and adaptive to future shocks, innovative, and responsive to new challenges and opportunities?

In this brief, we look at the lessons learned, insights, and inspirational models for creatively thinking about the future of teaching that global leaders offer.

In This Brief

Top performers are reimagining the teaching profession to better prepare young people for the future based on the following priorities.

Five current priorities:

  • Rethinking teacher preparation
  • Fostering teacher collaboration
  • Creating a culture of respect
  • Using technology to support learning
  • Empowering learner agency

Four emerging priorities:

  • Empowering teacher leaders to shape policy
  • Supporting learning anytime, anywhere
  • Promoting learning for life
  • Exploring new digital technologies