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What, Exactly, Should the Purpose of Career and Technical Education Be?

The world’s best CTE systems produce graduates with industry-recognized credentials that have real economic value. That’s the exception rather than the rule for U.S. CTE programs.

Empowered Educators

From lead-researcher Linda Darling-Hammond comes this groundbreaking international comparative study of teaching quality in the world’s top-performing education systems. Click to learn more about the findings, further resources and our series of in-depth webinars.

Preparing to Lead
New Report: Preparing to Lead

From NCEE’s Center on International Education Benchmarking comes this in-depth look at how top-performing education systems around the world identify, develop and support school leaders.

How People Learn: An Education Revolution Two Decades Delayed

In the first of a three-part series, Ann Borthwick explores why the groundbreaking findings of the National Research Council’s landmark report, How People Learn, have yet to make it into most American classrooms.

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