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Chinese students scored almost 4 years ahead of US students on PISA 2018 Math
Are China’s PISA Scores Believable? A Different View

Four Chinese provinces have once again topped the PISA league tables, but critics argue their scores are too good to be true. Marc Tucker explains why China’s performance should not be ignored.

Global Ed Talks podcast
Global Ed Talks: The Podcast

In 2019, Anthony Mackay hosted a series of interviews with leaders in education from around the world focused on the future of learning. Listen to all 10 interviews from the past year and check back in for more interviews in 2020.

PISA 2018: Lessons for the U.S.

Watch footage from a special webinar featuring Andreas Schleicher, the U.S. Department of Education’s Peggy Carr and Anthony Mackay, as they explored the results of PISA 2018 and what they mean for the U.S.

Discussions of the importance of AI in education are happening worldwide
The Future of Education Is Now

Over recent months, NCEE has contributed to a number of national and international convenings focused on the future of education and the workforce, sharing emerging research and offering valuable lessons for the U.S.

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