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Reimagining Assessment

From the system level to the school level, student assessment is evolving. Top-performing systems and global innovators are rethinking how, when, and for what purposes they test students.

How can we harness emerging technologies and innovative assessment strategies to not only measure academic achievement but also cultivate adaptable, lifelong learners ready to excel in an ever-evolving society?

In this brief, we look at the lessons learned, insights, and inspirational models from here at home and abroad for reimagining the who, what, when, and why of assessment.

Ultimately, integrating these forward-thinking practices into assessment is paving a path toward a future where education is a lifelong, enriching pursuit tailored to the unique abilities and aspirations of each student, ensuring they are equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of an ever-advancing society.

In This Brief

Top performers are reimagining the assessment to better prepare young people for the future based on the following priorities.

Current priorities:

  • Expanding what skills are tested
  • Reimagining how to assess key skills
  • Determining when to measure learning
  • Broadening who leads assessment

Emerging priorities:

  • Using innovative sources of data to provide new perspectives
  • Transforming formative assessment with VR
  • Defining assessment in the age of generative AI