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Sustain and deepen the learning and application of the NISL program through targeted Applied Plus courses

The NISL program is the leading support for school leaders in the country. Research has shown that students in schools led by NISL graduates outperform their peers on state tests, and that these gains are even more significant in schools that implement NISL practices more deeply. NISL graduates have found the NISL program experience to be a unique opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, deepen their understanding of the latest research, and benefit from a community of their peers.

Now districts and NISL graduates can continue to deepen and apply their learning with Applied Plus—a suite of targeted five- to eight-week online courses that build on NISL concepts. Each Applied Plus course is led by certified NCEE facilitators that provide tailored support as participants apply the learning. The focus on applied learning transforms knowledge to practice and ensures positive impact in schools. Applied Plus provides continuous improvement for school leaders and the schools they lead. Participants will:

Read the latest research, analyze case studies, hear from experts, and utilize diagnostics that help tailor solutions to the local context

Engage with peers in facilitated, online discourse, share progress, and receive feedback

Create and implement action learning plans to take the learning deeper

Plan next steps for both implementation and individual professional learning

How Enrollment Works


Submit the names of participants interested each course (available courses are listed below) to the NCEE State Director. See our enrollment brochure for more information.


Fill out the registration form and make your course selection to get started. After filling out the form, we will reach out to you about payment options. Participants may take as many courses as they wish, in any order. See below for a full list of courses with descriptions.

Course List

All courses require approximately 4-8 hours of coursework per week. No sessions will be conducted the week of Labor Day (September 1-7, 2021).

Collaborative Structures for Professional Learning 
Analyze high-performing education systems to learn how job-embedded, continuing professional learning can be the primary driver for improved teaching and learning. Learn how to: get input and buy-in from key stakeholders; use NISL tools and resources to identify areas of discrepancy; build consensus with the school’s leadership team; and identify actions to create an environment in which teachers see themselves as professionals.

This six-week course is available Oct 6 – Nov 16, 2021.

Prerequisites and CEUs

Successful completion of NISL 2013, 2016, or 2019 (formerly known as the Executive Development Program or EDP) is required prior to enrollment. Completion of Applied Plus courses can be used toward CEUs in some states. NCEE will work with districts to apply for CEU approval if not currently available.