The NCEE Superintendents Alliance

NCEE’s Superintendents Alliance is the fastest-growing superintendent network in the country. Designed to meet the professional and career needs of America’s leading superintendents, The Alliance provides members access to world-renowned experts, focused learning opportunities, and action-oriented networking with their peers. NCEE is the leading source for policy and practice ideas grounded in research on top-performing systems and leadership development, ensuring that Alliance members have access to cutting-edge research and powerful networking opportunities. Our shared goal is to increase the success of superintendents and the districts they lead.

Helping Superintendents Address Today’s Challenges and Long-Term Strategic Needs

The coronavirus pandemic has caused district leaders to re-think teaching, learning, and administration—from basic issues around the health and safety of children and staff to pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and student supports, from transportation and nutrition to the role of extracurricular activities and parent and community stakeholders. Superintendents are also challenged to lead their districts as they grapple with the lingering effects of systemic racism and inequality that is woven throughout the fabric of the American school system.

For more than three decades, NCEE has been researching top-performing education systems, identifying the common elements of those systems and translating them to the American context. This research provides important lessons for education leadership and system design during a time in history marked by risk and ambiguity. 

The Alliance offers a safe, collegial support network for those who are leading their districts during an unprecedented time.

Join Now

The Alliance is now open for enrollment. All current superintendents in the U.S. are invited to join for the year spanning July 2021 – June 2022. 

Preview Webinar

Looking for more information before you register? Join a special preview of The Alliance and see why some of America’s most renowned superintendents have already joined. New dates for special previews are coming soon.

Membership Trial

We’re offering complimentary access to The Alliance now through June 2021. We invite you to preview our Large Group Forums and Superintendent Seminars and engage with current members. To arrange your membership trial, contact Drea Anastasio at

Member Benefits

Membership dues include access to the following benefits:


Access to a collegial network of like-minded peers leading districts across the nation with whom you can collaborate on meaningful and forward-looking topics and who can provide support as you advance in your career


Dialogues with the foremost U.S. and international experts on current research around equity, educational leadership, systems design and continuous school improvement

double exposure of digital tablet and digital world map with financial chart at night city background. 3D rendering

Insights from NCEE’s international benchmarking research on high-performing systems and system design that will dramatically and equitably improve the education of all students

Member Services

Dues paying members gain access to a myriad of services including:

Large Group Forums
Dialogues with leading experts in education and leadership from across the world. 

Small Network Groups
Action-oriented conversations among 5-8 superintendents that occur throughout the year. Discussions emphasize peer input on current, relevant problems of practice. NCEE facilitators help guide the conversation to ensure efficiency and impact.

Superintendent Seminars
Rich discussions focused on readings and current research related to the work of the superintendent

Annual Retreat
A yearly gathering of members designed to deepen collaborative relationships and provide a safe environment for leaders to reflect on research, the challenges of their district, and their own leadership practice.

Members also gain access to NCEE’s Network of Learning Supports and a complimentary session of a NCEE virtual professional learning offering (NISL, SLA, SDB, TEL, or Coaching).


We’re offering complimentary access to The Alliance now through June 2021. We invite you to preview our Large Group Forums and Superintendent Seminars and engage with current members. To arrange your membership trial, contact Drea Anastasio at

Trial membership includes access to our upcoming Large Group Forum on school funding and resource allocation Tuesday, April 13 at 11:30 a.m. ET / 8:30 a.m. PT. This forum will be focused on the urgent topic of equitable funding for education. Alliance members will be joined by Justin Silverstein, Co-CEO of Augenblich, Palaich and Associates (APA), a consulting group with extensive experience analyzing public education systems and a special focus on finance. Silverstein will examine how states have begun to design school finance systems to respond to variation in student and district demographics and the changing role of school finance policy in state education systems. The forum will also focus on how school district resource allocation policies can support strategic goals for equity. We invite you to join Silverstein and your fellow superintendents for a lively discussion. Contact Drea Anastasio to arrange your registration.

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