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Global Ed Talks with Anthony Mackay: An Interview with Andreas Schleicher

In the second Global Ed Talks interview of 2020, Anthony Mackay is joined by Andreas Schleicher, director of Education and Skills at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and former member of CIEB’s International Advisory Board, to discuss how education systems across the globe are responding to the coronavirus and how the pandemic may impact the future of teaching and learning. Schleicher, a global thought leader in education and artificial intelligence (AI), highlights the importance of innovation and collaboration in light of the current crisis as well as enhancing the role of the learner. Mackay and Schleicher also discuss redesigning education systems for a future AI world and explore how AI can be used to more productively support 21st century learners. Watch the interview below or listen as a podcast on iTunes or Spotify.