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Global Ed Talks with Anthony Mackay: An Interview with Hekia Parata

For this Global Ed Talks interview, Anthony Mackay is joined by the Honourable Patricia HEKIA Parata, former Minister of Education for New Zealand and member of NCEE’s International Advisory Board. Parata’s previous experience as a policy analyst and politician, and her current roles, amongst others, as an International Advisor to the Supreme Council for Education, Development and Training Kingdom of Bahrain and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, allow her multiple perspectives on education reform. During the interview, Parata addresses the politics of education in a pre- and post-COVID world, identifying equity as the biggest issue education systems will face today and into the future. She also highlights the important roles differentiation and personalization will play in teaching and learning in post-COVID schooling. Watch the interview below or listen as a podcast on iTunes or Spotify.