As we look around the corner to the occupations of tomorrow, schools and states will need to be more dynamic and future oriented–especially when it comes to career and technical education. – Vicki Phillips in Forbes

Learning on Purpose: Ten lessons in Placing student agency at the heart of schools

In this interview, Anthony Mackay talks to Charles Leadbeater, co-director of the System Innovation Initiative at the Rockwool Foundation in Copenhagen, about his latest paper “Learning on Purpose: Ten lessons in Placing student agency at the heart of schools.”

Charles Leadbeater is an internationally renowned author and advisor on innovation, including to the OECD’s 2030 framework. His latest paper, in partnership with the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia, presents lessons participating schools learned from the three-year Student Agency Lab project in South Australia. The ‘A Lab’ helped schools help one another develop practical approaches to achieving greater agency among students. The schools also explored the role of teachers, as well as the organization and leadership of the whole school.

In this interview, Leadbeater spoke with Anthony Mackay about the lessons outlined in the paper and what they mean for the future of education. Watch the interview below and read the full paper here.