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Tony Mackay, Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic Education

This month, the International Advisory Board welcomed Tony Mackay as their newest member. Mackay is the Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic Education, Melbourne, Australia and Deputy Chair of Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). He also holds the title of Chair of the recently announced Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership; immediate Past President of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association; Board Director of the Australian Council for Educational Research; Board Member of the University of Melbourne, Graduate School of Education; and Australian College of Educators 2006 medallist.

On May 11, Jane Williams of Bloomberg Radio interviewed Dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University Mari Koerner, NCEE President Marc Tucker, and President of the AFT Randi Weingarten about improving teacher training and pay.  In a special report in this month’s Washington Monthly, editor in chief Paul Glastris talks with Tucker, Robert Schwartz of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Susan Traiman, former director of public policy at the Business Roundtable, about why CEOs’ interest and engagement in school reform has waned over the past decade. The Philadelphia Inquirer interviews Tucker about Surpassing Shanghai and teacher quality. In a recent op-ed in the Atlantic, Tucker argues that the problems with our nation’s healthcare system are very similar to the challenges facing our national education system.

Also in the Atlantic, Michael Fullan, professor emeritus at the Ontario Institutes for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto and member of the CIEB Advisory Board, explains what the United States can learn from Ontario about education. And on a spin on the same topic, in a guest blog post for the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet, Pasi Sahlberg, director general of Finland’s Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation and member of the CIEB Advisory Board, explains what the United States can’t learn from Finland about education.