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Top Performers Emerge from the Pandemic

As school systems emerge from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can they learn from the experience and leverage the most effective and innovative practices of the era to become stronger and better prepared than ever?

Top-performing education systems—from Canada to Estonia to Japan—can offer insights and inspiration for U.S. and global policymakers and educators as they leverage the innovations and new technologies that arose during the pandemic. These systems:

Managed an efficient transition to distance learning at the outset of the pandemic

Are responding quickly to opportunities and challenges that emerged during the pandemic

Are looking beyond the pandemic to prepare for the challenges ahead

In This Brief

Top performers are focused on creating future systems for today and for tomorrow based on the following priorities.

Four current priorities:

  • Strengthen hybrid learning
  • Provide holistic support for student wellbeing
  • Support young children and their families
  • Develop partnerships to support schools

Four emerging priorities:

  • Use new technologies to transform learning
  • Rethink what, when, and how to assess learning
  • Personalize learning with new curriculum lenses
  • Shift from P-20 education to lifelong learning