A new brief from NCEE explores how, in the wake of the pandemic, education systems both in the U.S. and abroad are harnessing innovation and digital technologies to deepen and accelerate learning for all students.

Moving Forward After the Pandemic: Governments and Teachers’ Unions Working Together to Leave No One Behind

In this report from the 2022 International Summit on the Teaching Profession, NCEE summarizes the latest thinking from high-performing education systems about how schools can responsibly harness new technologies, build more inclusive communities, and help to secure a sustainable future.

OECD Director for Education and Skills Andreas Schleicher addresses the delegates at ISTP2022

How can governments and teacher unions become better at anticipating the challenges of the future and enhancing equity for all students? What are the implications of these challenges for the goals and functions of education, for its organization and structures, and for the education workforce? How can governments and unions better navigate between reform and disruption, reconcile new goals with old structures, foster innovation, leverage potential and existing capacity, and reconfigure the spaces, the people, the time, and the technologies to educate learners for their future?

These questions brought education ministers and other government leaders together with the heads of teachers’ organizations across 13 high-performing and fast-improving countries to take part in a remarkable convening in Valencia, Spain.

This year’s Summit looked at three crucial topics for education systems:

  • The pedagogical potential of digital technologies in education
  • School systems as drivers of more inclusive communities
  • The role of teachers and school communities in securing a sustainable future

ISTP 2022 was convened and co-hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Education International (EI), and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain. All three organizations contributed significant thought leadership to the endeavor.

NCEE is privileged to support the OECD, EI, and ISTP jurisdictions. Anthony Mackay, Board Co-Chair, is the moderator of every Summit, and Nathan Driskell, Associate Director, Policy Analysis and Development, is the lead author of the report of the proceedings.

The ISTP 2022 Report summarizes these conversations and the research underpinning them. It is a valuable resource for educators and policymakers interested in how high-performing education systems are helping young people to effectively, responsibly, and ethically use emerging technologies; build inclusive local, digital, and global communities; and serve as defenders of democracy and stewards of the planet.

Read the report here.

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